Make an Enquiry

Dear Pastor,

We thank you for your interest in inviting Faylene to come and minister at your Fellowship. We are pleased to receive enquiries and would be delighted to pray about including your Ministry engagement.

If we could ask if you could please send back details of the proposed ministry engagement including the type of ministry sought (e.g. Conference, Leadership Training, Camp, Church ministry weekend, Intercessor’s Training, etc), the ministry focus for the time Faylene will be there (e.g. introduction or further training of the congregation to the prophetic, leadership training and activation including presbytery, platform ministry, etc), a range of dates for the engagement that might suit your Fellowship and a full range of contact details. Please your initial reply and further enquiries to Robyn Anderson or phone 07 3843 9700 during business hours.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,

Gloryfire International Ministries